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“The light that is Angela fills the world with love. She is a vibration of wisdom, compassion, and joy meant to transform the earth!” - Corinne Van Meter, Meadville, PA

“Angela Mandato is a courageous healer, an exciting woman to know and to work with because she is willing to expand, to be limitless in her capacity to heal and to love. Angela loves with abandon, says “Yes” to the world with abandon, and serves each person she knows with commitment and anticipation for all that is good. For those of us blessed to have Angela work with us, our lives are deeply enhanced. We are enhanced by this beautiful being.” - Bobbi Breo, Dripping Springs, Texas

“I took a shamanic chakra healing class with Angela Mandato back in fall of 2009 and I found it to be a very worthwhile course. It was my very first introduction into the world of shamanic mysticism, and I really didn't know what to expect. With an open and curious mind, I ventured with my classmates into a series of activities that Angela prepared which were spiritually enlightening, nourishing and helpful. The woman is truly gifted and she gave us her all while wearing us out with enlightenment, personal and interpersonal growth! I have nothing but praise for Angela Mandato as a teacher.” - Michael Hatfield, Rockville, UT

“Angela Mandato is one of the most inspiring souls on the planet today. Her workshops move you through the past with problems resolved, helps you be present in the now with forgiveness, gratitude, Love for self and others, and a knowledge with purpose, for a brighter, more abundant and fulfilled future. As a Medical Doctor, I have recommended Angela not only as a massage therapist, Shaman and energy healer, but as someone who is and will be a lifelong friend and connection to Divine One-ness and the Universe for everyone.” - Scott R. Werner, M.D., St. George, UT

“Angela is a gifted shaman who is able to effortlessly move between worlds and to bring others with her. Her body work is far more than "body" work; she engages the entire being, soul, spirit, mind, and matter. She is able to bring about fundamental internal shifts that result in an increased sense of well being.” - Susan Burton, Fairfax, VA

“I have studied with Angela about ways to go to my center and create change in my present life for the betterment of myself and all others. Angela is very focused and knows the material she teaches. I recommend her to anyone desiring to raise their level of consciousness.“ - Katie Cox, Hildale, UT

"I have worked with Angela this past year in going deep into birth trauma work. Angela has amazing skills in knowing just what technique to use to allow me to heal at the deepest soul level. I moved mountains this year in my own personal healing journey, thanks to the sweet and tender spirit of Angela Mandato. She has been a gift in my life as someone who can see who I really am, and who has removed the blocks to get me back to that truth." - Nanette Pugsley, St. George, UT

“I have been receiving body work for the last 20 years and Angela by far is the best of the best! She is truly gifted and I AM recommending her to everyone. Thank you Angela for all that you are.” - Marty Caggiula, Salt Lake City, UT

“I had to go all the way to Israel to meet Angela! We were both on a trip with Caroline Myss and Angela motivated me to follow my dream of writing a book. She also baptized me in the Jordan River ....something that bonded us for life. She is a very special person and I feel grateful to have crossed her path.“ - Holly Hanau Koncz, Guilford, CT

“Angela is pure Light and exquisite Love.  She has a heart richer than gold…a forgiving and radiant way of reminding you of your innocence and brilliance that is beyond anyone I’ve experienced.  Working with her is also an amazing gift and privilege.  When one is with Angela, it is clear that she is Divine Inspiration seeking only to serve and bring outrageous healing and joy.”    - Laura Brink, San Jose, CA


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