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Angela offers a range of experiences – classes, sacred ceremonies, journeys to sacred sites, and personal mentoring – intended to manifest miraculous expressions of joy, awaken the inner wisdom inherent in every human being, and help people feel inspired about who they are and what natural gifts they have brought into this life. Her regular offerings, dedicated to the wonderful path of awakening, are as follows:

  • Resonating Miracles - Learn how to let go of all fear, be in right relationship with all of life; and make every decision from a place of love.
  • Soul Retrieval – A journey to the underworld to retrieve lost soul parts, create new life contracts, and connect with our power animals, tools and gifts.
  • Navigating the Realms of Relationship – Learn how to read the signs and signals that life gives us. The entire universe is conspiring on our behalf at all times and moments. This class teaches participants how to better navigate all of our relationships, beginning with ourselves and our own deeper knowing. This class assists people in a step by step process in learning to read their soul’s signals pointing to the next step on this great journey of life.
  • Medicine Wheel Classes (also referred to as Sacred Circle of Life) - Native indigenous trainings from South and North America explored in four classes: South, West, North and East. Each direction of the medicine wheel represents an area of life to master. The hero’s journey carries us through the medicine wheel healing the past, being in right relationship with our ancestors, soul retrieval, conscious dying, and visioning for a new tomorrow.
  • Dying Consciously, The Great Journey - Through ancient wisdom we can maintain consciousness through the journey of death and beyond. This training is designed to help prepare all persons involved in the dying process: the individual, family members and friends for a more peaceful and loving experience. It offers a message of hope that it is possible to bring dignity and peace back to the dying process and teaches how The Great Death Rites practiced by shamanic tradition allow us to understand the kind of psychological and emotional closure needed. The easy steps of the rites will assist the person who is making the journey beyond death to do so in a peaceful manner, full of light and grace.

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  • Personal Mentoring – Small group intensives with 6-8 people.
  • Silent Retreats – Need we say more?
  • Long Distance Healing and Energy Balancing Sessions – Angela is able to work on clients remotely. This is the same healing work that she does in person and as effective. Angela brings in her client’s energy, visualizes them, and does the healing work, which is accomplished using a variety of techniques.
  • Visits from Angela - For those who cannot travel to St. George and would like a personal session with Angela, Angela will travel to see clients, either at their home, place of work, or while they are traveling. Cost includes travel expenses.
  • Blessings, Weddings and other Ministerial Services

Angela Mandato
  • Munay-Ki – 9 rites of the ancient wisdom keepers.
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  • Fire Ceremonies – These fire ceremonies send forth prayers for oneness, unity and peace. Prayers are said for our spiritual family woven together through the golden strands of light that join the cosmic spider web together around the world for strength and courage, for health and well being, for abundance and opportunity and for each to experience love. Participants are encouraged to prepare small gifts as offerings.
  • Sweat Lodges – Native American ceremonies to commune with God and transform and facilitate transformation.


Machu PichuSacred Sites of Peru

June 11-31 and July 14-28, 2013

Visit the Sacred Sites of Peru in July 2013 with the former archeologist of the iconic site Machu Picchu!  Gain access to many of the most popular sacred sites and also some of the most hidden, remote healing areas of this beautiful land, while journeying to your own source and inner knowing.

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