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Angela is a Master Massage Therapist and Reconnective Healer. Her body work is deep and powerful, and expands upon traditional massages. Traditional body work relaxes muscles, relieves general body tensions, expands the blood vessels, improves circulation, helps promote the production of red blood cells, and promotes movement of fluids through critical areas such as the knee and other joints. Angela’s body work does all this and much more. Some friends lovingly refer to her as a massage guru. She creates sacred space where communication takes place between Angela’s hands and every cell in her client’s body, allowing the deepest truth of the client’s soul to come through while the body work is taking place. When the body is able to stay in the para-sympathetic state, feeling safe in sacred space, the body does its own healing naturally. When the body is held in such a way, the spirit will take flight and connect with its highest source.

The massages are unusual in that they range from 1 hour to far longer. Angela listens to the body to find and release old emotions and traumas that have been stored, using among other things chakra healing and energy medicine work. Every experience is completely unique and tailored to the individual. Angela’s work is for anyone who wants to get into a deeply relaxed place and connect with their source, soul, and inspiration.

Most body work and healing services are $80/hr.
Personal Reconnection two part session is $333.00
For half day/full day sessions, please call Angela for pricing.


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